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Elevation Online: Around the World Series Ft. Brazil





Elevation Online: Around the World ft. Brazil

In this series for Elevation Church, we traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to put a big spotlight on the special people that call Elevation Church their home church, even though they are thousands of miles away from a physical location. Elevation Church recently began translating every sermon into portugeuse. That simple act set into motion a growing community of portugeuse speakers being able to engage with the church and find community right where they are.

This video was one of the most challenging pieces our team has ever taken on. We spent a week traveling around Sao Paulo and Rio to share Ivy and Stella’s stories and personal connection to each other. We maximized our trip by also capturing 3 additional short stories to be shared separately from the main video. Through careful planning, we were able to create multiple standalone videos from our trip and were proud of all of them. It was special to be able to share how people can be impacted far and wide through a simple internet connection.


Director: Chelsea Gribble

Producer: Johnny Collier

DP, Camera Operator: Ethan Massey

Set Audio Engineer: Colten Marsh

Producer/Host: Colleen Tunis

Translator: Noemi Klipfel

Editor: Chelsea Gribble

Post Audio Mix: Johnny Collier, Colten Marsh