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Elevation Church: Lauren’s Story





Elevation Church: Lauren’s Story

Lauren attends Elevation Church Roanoke. She struggled with addiction most of her life. She experienced abuse in her past and needed to find her purpose beyond her pain. After losing her best friend to addicton, Lauren began attending Elevation Church. It wasn’t an easy journey, but Lauren finally found the community and acceptance she needed within herself to let go of her past and her addictions and find hope in Christ. It was an honor to share her story and encourage so many others who are going through similar circustances.

Practically for this story, it was being shown at the Easter services at Elevation. The branding for Easter was very distinct so we knew we wanted to compliment the already established design. It just happened that Lauren’s hair color complimented the set in the best way possible. We didn’t just want to lay the broll over the stylized set design, so we built a separate broll set, spray painted MANY props, and got to work. The treatment for this video is still one of our favorite to date! We also love how it complimented Lauren’s joyful and radiating spirit. We were really proud to share Lauren’s story and encourage others that there is healing and hope beyond our circumstance.


Director: Chelsea Gribble

Producer: Nikki Acosta

DP, Camera Operator: Ethan Massey

Camera Operator/Swing: Tanner Howell

Set Audio Engineer: Graham King

Set Design: Chelsea Gribble, Nikki Acosta, Luke Campbell

Editor: Chelsea Gribble

Color Grade: Tanner Howell

Post Audio Mix: Alex Thompson