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Elevation Online – “Unconventional Church”






Unconventional Church was a series for the Online ministry at Elevation Church. The goal was to showcase the incredible people that call Elevation Online their church home – lovingly referred to as eFam. In this series, we got to travel around the country and meet some of the most special, kind, and caring leaders we’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering.

Rob is a cop in NYC in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Jamaica, Queens. It was incredible to see first-hand how his spirit of joy and love radiated throughout the community he serves. In addition to being a caring officer, he is a leader for the Elevation Online Welcome Team. He has personally affected hundreds of people who have given their lives to Christ. We knew we had to do something special to surprise and honor him.

This shoot was one of the most challenging and rewarding videos our team has done together. Everything was captured in 2 days – and you better believe that we 100% surprised Rob at the end. He had no idea! This video for us was a case study in extremely detailed and thorough pre-production as well as how to be nimble on the ground with a small crew. We adapted to in-the-moment curveballs including a last minute interview with Thais, and battling the noise of an indoor soccer match we weren’t told would be sharing the final scene’s roof with us. Our small but mighty team adapted and busted it to create one of our most special projects to date.


Director: Chelsea Gribble

Producer: Johnny Collier

DP/Camera Operator: Ethan Massey

Camera Operator/Swing: Courtney Baucom

Set Audio Engineer: Ryan Monette

Host: Colleen Tunis

Editor: Chelsea Gribble

Audio Mix: Ryan Monette