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Pulte Homes + Built to Honor – Roush Family





The rousch family’s mortgage-free home

Pulte Homes partners with Built to Honor to surprise Veteran families with mortgage free housing. We were honored to be a part of the process from beginning to end. We got to capture the initial surprise, the building process, and the final reveal of the Rousch family’s new home. We also provided photography at each of our visits as marketing materials for the builders, but also as special memories for the Rousch family and the journey to a new home. We were inspired by Lt. Rousch and everything he has been through to serve our country. 


Executive Producer: Burt Philips

Director: Chelsea Gribble

Camera Operators: Ethan Massey, Abraham Unzicker, Chelsea Gribble

Photography: Tori Gribble

Editor: Chelsea Gribble